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Monday-Thurs:        5am- 9pm
Friday:                         5am - 7pm
Saturday:                   8 am - 7 pm
Sunday:                       9 am - 7 pm

Mon - Sat: 9- 11 am
Mon - Thurs: 5- 8 pm

Childcare Room 5-8pm Rules:

Birth to 3 years - Childcare Room ONLY

4-5 years - Diamond Mine; if numbers over 20 children, moved to Childcare Room




As of Monday, March 16th, the gym is closed in compliance with the State's executive order.
Please check our website of Facebook page for further updates. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Dear Valued Customers:

     Thank you for being a loyal customer!  We love providing services for our MSC family. Erring on the side of caution, due to the Coronavirus-19 (COVID-19), we will be postponing our Annual Fitness Expo, which was scheduled for this Sunday, March 15th. We will notify everyone when we reschedule. We are praying for you and your family, trusting that God is in control.  We will continue to stay open.

  • Schools have shut down and we will be providing childcare beginning March 16th from 7am-6pm (Holiday Camp Prices) for parents that need to go to work. 
  • Our Fitness Center remains open with normal class schedule and hours of operation. We recommend children under the age of 1 and adults 70 years of age to stay home as a safety precaution.

-     Our recreational gymnastics/cheer session will be pushed back for two weeks and we will advise when this will begin.

-     Team practices will continue as scheduled. Coaches will be in contact with you for further details.

-   Birthday Parties: We will continue to offer parties. If you want to reschedule there will be no charge, subject to availability.

      -    Beach Volleyball league will begin March 20th

-     There will be NO Kids Fun Night until after April 13th; check your email and website calendar for upcoming nights.

Rest assured we have a Coronvirus-19 (COVID-19) safety plan in place.

  • We will be taking each child’s temperature and accessing symptoms each day. Those with a temperature, cough, and sneezing will be masked and sent home. Children will be sanitizing their hand throughout the day. 
  • We will be teaching, reinforcing, and monitoring the handwashing protocol throughout the day of all children. 
  • We have purchased masks, gloves, hand-sanitizer, aloe vera/alcohol to make sanitizers, extra disinfectant, Lysol, Clorox wipes…all our cleaners fight the Coronavirus-19 (COVID-19). 
  • We are sanitizing all contact surfaces including equipment, door handles, mats/flooring, café throughout the day. 
  • Employees are being held to strict protocol of handwashing/sanitizing, and gloves when serving lunches and snacks. They are disinfecting work areas, bathrooms, counters throughout the day. We will not allow workers to come in if they are showing any signs of symptoms.

Thank you for your understanding during this time. Please let us know if there is anything, we can do to help you. We will continue to update you via Facebook and email. Praying everyone remains safe and this virus contained quickly.

                                                                  Pam, Karyn, Chris

                                                                 MSC Management Team

  Affordable Fitness & Fun Programs

for Children & Their Families!

Mandeville Sports Complex is proud to offer the residents of Mandeville and the surrounding communities affordable fitness and fun programs for children and adults of all ages...

"One hour of activity a day keeps the doctor away."

Adults and children need exercise daily now more than ever. It's a known fact that kids and adults are under more stress than in the past. Coupled with the prevalence of fast food and sedimentary activities, obesity is escalating. We believe everyone needs to find an activity they enjoy and do it on hour a day. 
The facility offers something for everyone: Fitness Center, Swimming, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Group Exercise Classes, Sand Volleyball, Basketball, Before/After School Care, Summer Camp, Holiday Camps, Birthday Parties, Swim Lessons and Kids Fun Night.