Monday-Thurs:        5am- 9pm
Friday:                         5am - 7pm
Saturday:                   8 am - 7 pm
Sunday:                       9 am - 7 pm

Mon - Sat: 9- 11 am
Mon - Thurs: 5- 8 pm

Childcare Room 5-8pm Rules:

Birth to 3 years - Childcare Room ONLY

4-5 years - Diamond Mine; if numbers over 20 children, moved to Childcare Room





Affordable Fitness & Fun Programs

for Children & Their Families!

Mandeville Sports Complex is proud to offer the residents of Mandeville and the surrounding communities affordable fitness and fun programs for children and adults of all ages...

"One hour of activity a day keeps the doctor away."

Adults and children need exercise daily now more than ever. It's a known fact that kids and adults are under more stress than in the past. Coupled with the prevalence of fast food and sedimentary activities, obesity is escalating. We believe everyone needs to find an activity they enjoy and do it on hour a day. 
The facility offers something for everyone: Fitness Center, Swimming, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Group Exercise Classes, Sand Volleyball, Basketball, Before/After School Care, Summer Camp, Holiday Camps, Birthday Parties, Swim Lessons, and Kids Fun Night. We also have wrestling, karate and physical therapy at the facility.